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Through Education, We

Create Change

Making education more accessible, while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our goal as a Christian organization is to make sure children in the Sous Rigole (under the rivulet) community, no matter their backgrounds, have access to education and the saving knowledge of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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How you can contribute?

Become volunteer

You can plan to take a trip to Haiti, when the condition is appropriate, to visit HCO. When you see first hand the amazing work God is doing among his children, God will talk to your heart regarding what he wants you to do.

Make a donation

When you donate, you empower us to do more. You are contributing in ending the poverty cycle through education, you are providing a community with clean water, and you are showing them the love of God.

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Spread the word

Say a prayer, and tell your friends about us, and about the work that we are doing. A few shares, a few likes, and a few words of encouragement is always appreciated.

How we help?

We endeavor to win the disenfranchised children and young people in the Sous-Rigole areas with the saving message of Jesus Christ and to educate them to give them an opportunity to a better life.

We were able to lay the first stone to a school facility in February 2020. The plan was to open for the fall, but political unrests, and COVID-19 has delayed our plans. However, we are hard at work to finish our buildings and start with enrollment soon.

We started a Bible study under a mango tree with the children and young people, so far we have six young men and a young woman who made decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Clean water is essential, so one of the first thing we did is dug a well and installed a water pump. We have also start a goat program, providing farmers with goats.
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