March 02, 2021

Making progress

Haiti Community Outreach keeps making progress in necessary preparations to serve the people at Sous-Rigole and the surrounding areas. The safety walls, the iron gates are set in place, and now the bridge over the canal that will let us drive to our campus is underway. Above all, we continue to teach Bible study every week to the children and the young people.

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December 29, 2020

Looking back at 2020, and looking ahead to 2021

In a year’s time, the most troubling year in my lifetime, the Lord has granted us to achieve our greatest accomplishment. Yes, it takes tremendous faith, courage, audacity and determination for Gina and me to decide to found an organization in a rural and disenfranchised area in Haiti without having any money. But God honors our faith in him and sent some friends.

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September 09, 2020

Finding Out The Needs of The Community

We went to Deuxième Plaine, Petit Goave, to conduct a thorough research regarding the greatest needs of the community. Almost with unanimity the people we interviewed (a large sample of the community) mentioned two things as the greatest need of the community of Sous Rigole: A health center and a school...

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